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My name is Priscilla Hernandez and I am running to be your District 6 School Board Representative.

love my community and I believe that what you put into something is what you get out of it. I know that the students we produce in our schools serve as the greatest reflection of our community.  I want to positively contribute to shaping our children’s future to help build a better future for all of us.  Now, more than ever, ensuring a quality and meaningful educational experience is of utmost importance.

I am running because I know I can effectively and successfully do the job. My toolset aligns with all the responsibilities set forth as a Board Member:  I have expertise in budget development and analysis, establishing organizational polices, human resources and identifying innovative methods to provide services. However my greatest accomplishment is what has equipped me most for this position….I am a Mom. I have seen what COVID-19 has brought upon us and our kids and I want to be a part of the efforts to return our students to the familiarity and security that school is supposed to offer. Let’s face it, the next few years will be tough.   But it will be through passion, thoughtfulness, dedication and most importantly togetherness that our students will return to prospering and thriving for a better tomorrow.

I would be honored to have your support to represent the families in Pasadena and Sierra Madre as your next PUSD District 6 Board member.  

Thank you for your consideration, I look forward to hearing from you.



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Put students first

Our number one priority is to put student’s  academic, social, and emotional learning first. This past year has and proves to be unchartered territory, challenging not only our adults but our students on many levels.  The physical and mental health and safety of our students must be our priority. Upon our students return we must ensure they have the resources and support needed to heal and thrive.  Their and our futures depend on it.

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Lead With Financial  Diligence  and Sensitivity 

As we enter the after-effects of COVID-19, budget challenges are inevitable.  Making sound fiscal decisions while maintaining essential services is critical.  I have decades of experience in budget decision making in the board room that still fulfills the needs in the field.   

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Giving Our Teachers the Tools and Resources to Succeed 

We must advocate for more involved professional training for our teachers  and resources as we navigate through the ‘new normal’ and beyond.  It is essential for long-term success. Just as important as PPEs are for healthcare providers, equipping our teachers with the tools to approach post-COVID school scenarios is vital. We must rally behind our teachers as they lead the charge in restoring stability for our students. 

Address Equity Challenges

Being a Latina candidate for a predominantly Latino student body (59% of the nearly 16,000 students in the whole school district), I bring to the table a  necessary perspective while making district-wide decisions. Representation matters and reflects the commitment to the richness of diversity the district should strive to achieve. I feel confident in my ability to help PUSD as we work to be a more inclusive and representative entity.

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Communication with All Areas of the District

Communication and dialogue with parents of the PUSD students is essential. Unique to this particular district, the schools represent both Pasadena and Sierra Madre and it is necessary to ensure that families (parents/guardians and students) are heard loud and clear.  Regardless of geography.

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Increase the Student  Population

Enrollment rates in PUSD have been declining. A variety of reasons have led to this result. Changing perceptions to entice more families to participate in all that PUSD has to offer needs to start early. I propose utilizing established, trusted, outreach vehicles and building relationship with local preschools to put PUSD on the decision table early for parents, cultivating early interest.










Investment in our future

Meet Priscilla

  • A Leader
  • Experienced
  • Decision-maker
  • MOM

Ms. Priscilla Hernandez was born and raised in Los Angeles, attending high school in Alhambra and has lived in the city of Pasadena for over ten years.

Priscilla has dedicated her life to service, largely due to the examples set forth by the her father, a longtime Los Angeles Community Leader and decorated veteran. Ms. Hernandez is the Vice President of the Hollenbeck Business Council, a nationally recognized five-decade non-profit organization dedicated to providing safe and quality after school programming to inner-city youth and most notably the founding agency of the Inner-City Games Foundation(now known as After-School All-Stars). Some of her many responsibilities include organizational oversight, budget, evaluation, fundraising and policy guidance.

Prior to her current position, Ms. Hernandez served as a Deputy Director under the Governor in Los Angeles and Sacramento. Her tenure with the Governor has been noted for her coalition building, highly visible event planning, project management and external relations with key California stakeholders. As a Statewide Coalition Deputy Director in Education, Hernandez built alliances, establishing communication, and developing strategies to address constituent concerns.  Prior to her state government tenure, Hernandez helped in the Proposition 49 Initiative that earmarked funding in the CA budget for after-school programing.

Most recently, Ms. Hernandez initiated, and sponsored state legislation presented in California Assembly Bill 3064-The Zacky Bill.  Inspired by her son’s life-threatening allergies, the bill aims to establish uniformed food allergy guidelines and best practices within local education agencies. The bill seeks to help parents of kids who suffer from life threating food allergies navigate through often complex systems and focuses on protocols to ensure the safety of one of our most vulnerable student populations.

Ms. Hernandez has been actively involved in the community and professional activities at both regional and national levels. She most recently served as Chair of the Senior Commission in the City of Pasadena, where she ran public meetings exploring methods of transitioning the city into an Age Friendly environment for the city’s senior population.  She has served on the Boards of the After-School All-Stars National Foundation, Greater Los Angeles Boy Scouts of America, Inner-City Games and the UC Berkeley Chicano Alumni Association.  Because of her work on The Zacky Bill, she was most recently asked to join the National Ambassador Board of FARE (Food Allergy Research and Education), the world’s largest non-profit organization dedicated to food allergy awareness, education, research and advocacy.

Ms. Hernandez received her undergraduate degree at the University California at Berkeley and a master’s in Public Administration from the University of Southern California. She currently resides in Pasadena with her husband Zachary and two young sons Zacky and Jacob.


Former Mayor of Pasadena
Felita Kealing
Public Education Advocate

Bob Archuleta
CA State Senator
Gilbert Cedillo
Former State Senator .

Tyron Hampton
Vice Mayor of Pasadena*
Antonia Navarro
Sierra Madre Resident and Educator

James Brennan – Lower Hastings Ranch Resident and Leader

Kristin Tachiki– Immediate Past Chair of the Senior Commission, Pasadena

Bridgette Brown -Former PUSD Assistant Principal

Patricia Wright– Senior Commission and Afterschool Board Member*

Gilbert Cedillo– Former CA State Senator and Assemblymember*

* For identifications purposes only

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